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Since This Article Was Written Things Have Evolved

Anna is now devloping her Physical Products business, and is the lead coach within the SFM Import Experts … Steve and Anna diversified their business, and went their independant ways … they still communicate regularly, and look out for each other… but they are nolonger working together.

Steve Still works his SFM affiliate business and is now a lead coach at the ELite level for the SFM and with 7 years of experience to call building on a life times experience in business and many varied areas of employement…

His clarrion call is come to this space, bringing your experience with you, all skills are transferable, and when a CEO, used to presenting to shareholders, gets the jitters when recording a very simple video… Bring your existing skillsets with you…

The Blue Collar Millionaires

was Formed when two independent internet marketers saw the advantages of working together. In The Words of Jay Kubassek 1 + 1 = 3

So Steve Greenhalgh and Anna Davidson Thawe, joined forces.

Both family first people, and although understanding of the needs that families can put upon their time, this pair  have always made their families the reason why they do what they do, never the excuse that allows them to get out of it.

In coming together Steve & Anna have been able to focus on their individual strengths knowing that the other has their personal area covered.

Anna Davidson Thawe

Mum of two, Anna, is an Expert Facebook Marketer, and, has many clients developing both on and offline business's using the skills she teaches. However, practicing what she preaches, she also manages all the Blue Collar Millionaires Facebook Marketing. These skills were honed building her husbands brand, site and social media presence. She then went on and worked with many other local trades people too. So Anna has a real understanding of the local business person and how to help them build their online presence.

Founder of Inspired Mum and Author of “Start holidaying in Barbados: The 5 secrets to sun-kissed success for Mumpreneurs”. Anna creates Dream Lifestyles for Ambitious Mumpreneurs. In the last year alone, she won two awards, and has helped hundreds of female career professionals transition from their corporate careers to running their own business, flexibly around their family, whilst also working flexibly around her own.

She did that by 1:1 coaching, mentoring and education and through workshops and online programs.  Recently working with a very driven mum, Lucy, who is 35 years old has 3 young children under the age of 7,  and worked full- time within the corporate industry. She was fed up with increased childcare & petrol costs which the recession here in the UK has fuelled and dreamed of earning 6-figures while spending more time with her children.  Anna helped her transition, quit her job and become her own boss. She now can choose the time she spends with her children, and make sure she never misses a nativity play or sports day again. She is already earning 6-figures and unlike in the corporate world, her income has no glass ceiling and the sky’s her limit.

Anna Works still under her own Brand The InspiredMum, where she specialises in working wtih Corporate executives who are looking for a more balance life style with out loss of income

If you would feel happier working with Anna Please go and check out her page 

Steve Greenhalgh

Lorry driving Dad of 4, Steve may be the last sort of person you would expect to see building an online business, but as he explains,

” when your pension dissolves in the financial crash, and you actually discover that part of your provision has evaporated in a miss – selling scandal, you can either suck your thumb and feel sorry yourself, or you can get off your arse and do something about it!”

So to say Steve is driven by his circumstances is a bit of an understatement! For sure when he came to the internet he could hardly turn a computer on, but his need forced him to learn the new skills… An early Mentor of Steve's told him… “yes you can be dumb when you start, if you can turn it on and watch a video, you are in, but, you have to be prepared to invest, both time and money,  into yourself, to get you from where you start to where you really want to finish!

Steve's Stated Mission is to help people create financial security through digital marketing.The founder of Steve Greenhalgh.com. A founding member of ‘The Digital Experts Academy’, and co-founder of an international mastermind group that specialises in helping on line and off line business’s develop greater profit. He is also the author of The Report, ‘Exposing 7 Myths That Stop People Creating Financial Security Through Digital Marketing’… and several insider reports addressing specific marketing techniques.

In the past 27 months, Steve has worked closely with dozens of students from around the globe, helping them to create anything from a few hundred dollars a month extra to get by, all the way to replace or even multiply their income to achieve financial freedom.

For example, he recently recently worked with Troy, who has spent his working life as a linesman in Australia, The guy you see restoring power up the overhead poles. Troy was at a point in his life where he had a good income, but he was living life on his bosses terms… He really wanted to start a business for himself where he could use his ideas and skills and build some thing that gave him a good income, and yet left him time to spend with his family,and improving the lifestyle he had worked so hard to achieve. In the last 7 months – using their unique 3 step formula – he was able to more than double his income, but more importantly, was able to do that working from home and from the beach where he feels most at home.

Where Anna is a master of  Facebook, Steve has focused on content creation, both written and video, he teaches blog creation and distribution, and still practices just what he preaches…

Steve represents the Blue Collar Millionaire Brand, it is his space. As an ex lorry driver he really relates to the need for the working man to get his foot on the ladder of success… if you chose to work with Steve he wont climb that ladder for you but it will well footed.

The Blue Collar Millionaires

Both from working class backgrounds, but with burning ambition to help their own families to have the best things in life, Steve and Anna bring a realism to the internet marketing world…and they bring the reality of a hard work ethic to a stage where leverage sets you free… yes they work hard, but they both play hard too… and now they can start to play with their families much more as their digital lifestyle evolves around the many more people they are able to help…

If you know some one who may be able to benefit from down to earth coaching… and who has a good reason why they are prepared to work, Please point them in this direction, The Blue Collar Millionaires May just be able to help

The Blue Collar Millionaires

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