6 Myths about Social Media

Just had this great Info graphic through from Post Planer talking about the 6 myths that are commonly held as fact in the internet marketing world

Here is part of that post … you can link through to original at the bottom of this paragraph


6 Common Myths About Sharing on Facebook

sharing-on-facebookI’ll debunk the 6 myths before you jump to the infographic:

1. Most content sharing happens on Facebook & Twitter

FACT: More than 72% of shares come from copy-and-paste activity.

2. Users click social links at an equal rate — regardless of the URL 

FACT: Clicks increase 25% for shortened URLs with vanity domains.

3. Shortened links have a similar lifespan regardless of when the content is initially posted

FACT: Shortened links have a longer lifespan when shared later in the week.

4. Brand engagement peaks on weekends

sharing-on-facebookFACT: People engage with shared content 49% more on weekdays.

5. Millennial generation shares the most content

FACT: Users between the ages of 55 & 64 share the most content.

6. Facebook offers the most referral traffic

FACT: Twitter provides more referral traffic per shared item than Facebook.

– See more at the original blog site

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We Love post Planer and use it everyday on the internet, it is a hugely powerful tool


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