How The %$*^ Can Billy Connelly Help Me

Great Question… I Thought,

The Answer was thrust into my hands by my mentor , who said Bluntly



I was a bit perplexed, but not wishing to antagonise the helping hand

I did as I was told…

Billy Connelly is hugely famous, wealthy, funny, and caring…

But was he always this way?

Did he have the greatest start in life?

Absolutely not…

When I was given this book I was stuck in a sort of limbo…

held back by my own limiting beliefs

You know that little voice in the back of your head saying

Who DO you Think You are?

Fred in The Head Anna calls him

I read this biography, and I would love to share a “Road to Damascus” moment,

The blinding light from on high, the ethereal voice through the clouds

It Was NOT like that… it was more like a single brick added to the wall of my self belief

My self worth took another step up… as I realised that actually where I was from did not matter

But it was far more where I was going to that really counted

If, for whatever reason you are feeling a bit low or even that you are stuck in that same limbo

Just May, be Billy will help you start the move forward again

Either way It is a great read

Take Care

Steve G

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