New Day – New Challenge

Six Figure MentorsTypical Wednesday, early start, head down, red flags all over face book…. so tempting, I really want to see how the latest blog post was received. Email inbox shrieking read me, instagram the same… BUT

I know, that if I go in and start looking at all the feedback, I will lose at least two hours, and probably the whole morning.

Since joining the Six Figure Mentors, I have become critically self aware, that I need to focus on money producing activity FIRST…

Do You Have A Plan?

I know, A PLAN – how boring! But … without a plan how do you know where you are going?

I have a daily plan to get jobs done, and that doesn't involve going into Facebook or Gmail. I always reckon that if the world needs me badly enough some one will find a way to get in touch.

In the mean time I have a written plan to get stuff done, and I always stick to it … (  Now! It was not always like that, I promise you … Check this out )

I know what I need to achieve each day, people ask me how I know what I need to do and when… Reverse engineering!

Reverse Engineering – With A Blue Print

I know, this is a “touchy feely” people business, and here I am using engineering terminology… Yes absolutely I am … I have been taught this method by Jay Kubassek , as part of my Six Figure Mentor Training.jay and stuart

Essentially you start at the end point of the process and then work backwards to see what steps you need to achieve. Mentally this is vital as it prepares your mindset to the outcome, and you have a solid belief in the project on hand. You can actually go into great detail giving you daily, weekly, and monthly targets … OUTCOMES to be achieved and what you have to do to achieve them… by utilising this method, you are able to bring incredible focus to your daily tasks. By having a written plan you know each day what you need to do, and what outcomes you need to achieve.

So Back To Wednesday Morning – This Morning 😉

I was really keen to get into Facebook this morning, Stuart Ross was setting up a new 30 Day Marketing Challenge. Excited? I was champing at the bit, to say the least…

  1.  I love a challenge
  2. I love Stuarts marketing training
  3. and His self discipline training
  4. I Love the results that Stuarts training yields

So I got through my list… clicked into Facebook… loads of questions … has anyone seen the new 30 day training From SR?

Rather acerbic comments about the fact it was still predawn in the US… and that Stuart will still be asleep …

Oh wow I need to get on   ….  Facebook back off …. Grind through the next part of the day, coffee time…. back into Facebook…

Still nothing… Oh well back to work ( I need to watch just how many coffee breaks I have today!)It's 5.00 am somewhere

Then I had to go into Birmingham, I hate traffic, ROAD traffic that is… I had an alert on my phone… tantalising… NO –  be good.

So I got home, and Oh no….


Much as I love her, my eldest daughter was in the house when I got home… I was desperate to get on line and check out Stuarts new Training


So Close – But So Far

Grrr I knew the training was launched, I knew I wanted to get into it… but I had to play with the new kitten! Then dinner…  Be polite, sit and make small talk.

I am being very unfair, I love my children, and I never begrudge them my time… But I really wanted to get into Stuarts Training… dinner came and went, the kitten was sent home, I even missed The Archers!

I nearly got into Facebook then suddenly I remembered, “4 Musketeers Hangout”!

Aggggh will I ever get into this training…

Eventually YES … a little bit of multitasking, and little bit of working around the edges, and Boom I am in


I am so looking forward to this “Elite Training”, you will be hearing lots more from me from now on. I will share what I can, but to be honest, a little bit of this stuff out of context, would probably harm your business more than anything else… But rest assured I will share what I can… and I will be in a position to bring some really exciting offers on the back of this …


I know, I seem a bit giddy, but when you have worked with some one for any period of time you do kind of know what to expect…

Well I have been watching and working with Stuart Ross since May 2012 and I know the impact this next 30 days will have on your business. If You take on board 1/2 the things I may be able to share, and then take the drastic step of implementing them too … I know the final 1/4 of 2014 and the whole of 2015 will have a whole new look.


The Ride Of Your LifeI really look forward to spending some quality time with you all in the rest of your life, this challenge is 30 days… but the impact will be felt for the next 10 + years


Hold On Tight…. You are in for the ride of your lives!

If you want to get in touch email Steve Here


Take Care








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    • Andrew on October 2, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Excellent post Steve. Your a great story teller and it makes for an interesting read.


    1. Thank you Andrew … hey lets get in and really get this show on the road …. hold on to your hats 😉

    • Lauren on October 2, 2014 at 12:54 am

    So true about focusing on money producing tasks first and avoiding the pressure of social media wanting your time. great post. You have me really excited for this challenge.

    1. Hey Lauren , Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment… yes excitement is contagious… I love your enthusiasm 😉 KOKO x

    • Kathleen McKay on October 2, 2014 at 5:00 am

    Steve! ABSOLUTELY brilliant! I swear you have esp lol. You described one of my days. Great advice too as always. Thankyou ☺

    1. Thanks Kath, I think we are all the same underneath 😉

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