The Trap

Just for fun a quick video…

How cool is that…


But are you strong enough?

Look forgive me for ringing a knell of doom, but are you sure you are not headed for the pitfall i just hit?

I have been working my business and my job real hard for the last 18 months,

We are beginning to see real results… but my wife … well she isn't,


The Back Of Your Head Is All I Ever See

Is what I was told in a fairly heated discussion.

I thought we were strong and secure, both working to a common goal.

Sadly not the case. I have been so focused in my business and my mentoring that I forgot the golden rule.

Look After the Most important person in the mix  .. .. .. My Wife…


Please do not make this mistake


Take This As A Warning


Look if you had asked me, I would have said my marriage is bomb proof, unshakeable…

Trust me, NOTHING is ever that good without you maintain it!

I counsel my students about balance, about living in the now, about making sure you live in the present not in your imaginary future.

I took my eye of the ball…


Is it rescue-able? I believe so, because if it wasn't, I really would not be sharing this stuff here…

Does it hurt? hell yeah,


Can We Fix It?

I seriously hope so…. but I am going to need the strength of ten of those little mice up there in the video…

And a lot more heart …


I may appear to have all my shit together, but do you know what, we are all fallible.

I just hope that this warning allows you, to take your head of the screen long enough, to catch what could be a fatal mistake in your relationships.


Take care …. of those that matter

Then of  business

Never the other way round






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  1. Good advice – it’s all to easy to slip into that grey zone and forget that there is no point in being all consumed by a goal if it’s at the cost of the REALLY important people in the mix. A timely reminder for me – thanks !

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